The Best Investment You Can Make

The rush of the planting season is quickly upon us.  Some of us will ship up to 70% of our fertilizer tons during these 8 to 10 weeks.   Once the planting season is over, the post-spray period and side dress season will soon follow.  Once again, many fields will be serviced and work performed.

How does all get done?

By pick up, ten-wheeler, tractor trailer, nurse wagons, and field machines.  All used one day at a time.  Yesterday’s stellar pre-trip inspection will not make skipping today’s an option.

Make sure to check your equipment before you go over the road.  It will be the best 15

My favorite Dealer's Rep

minutes you will spend all day.  Not only is it a federal law, but in those minutes, you may very well notice the soft tire or the cracked rim.  You may see the dripping coolant leak or spot the faulty left-hand turn signal light.  That one detail could mean the difference between being stranded in a field or alongside a road,  Worse still, failing to catch and correct such things could cause the death of someone who didn’t think you were turning across traffic because they did not see your signal light because it was out.

A solid preventative maintenance program including and a certified mechanic on staff or a very good relationship with a local certified mechanic will go a long way to eliminate these surprises and keep your equipment legal in the eyes of the law before you even get to crunch time.  However, breakdowns in will still occur.  Do your part to prevent a breakdown from turning into an accident.  Being a professional is as much about taking care of things before putting the rig in “drive” as it is while you drive.

Have a safe spring rush!


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