Nourishment and Comradery

The fertilizer and lime application season is here and planters will roll soon.  Many larger customers will pull out the first 24-row planter and get going and once the ground gets fit the second one will start rolling.  Your fertilizer bins are full and equipment is in good repair.  Let’s not forget to keep our staff and ourselves in good repair.

Tender Truck Treasure

A warm sandwich and a 30-minute break for the field crew


The key to any team consistently winning is being able to repeat the winning tasks play after play, game after game.  They don’t do it with fatigued team members.  Good sleep and a solid diet go a long way to promoting safety and satisfied customers!

I know we all know that but I also know we in the industry can get slammed with weather events and situations beyond our control and just like winning teams we will learn to try and overcome with our best plans on how to adapt.  Just make sure it includes you and your teammates being able to get the sleep and nourishment needed to be safe and productive.

A small grill with the tender truck?  Sound too extravagant?  Perhaps, or perhaps not.  If your tender unit sits for an hour at a time waiting to feed the applicator, maybe it’s not such a far-fetched idea.  If your’s is more of fast drop and go style, what about a grill at

Nourishment and Comradery

Centralize your warm sandwich cooking at the facility

the facility cooking food served on a stiff fiber plate wrapped in heavy tin foil to go out with the next truck?  I know it’s an “all hands on deck” time of year.  As one who has been there, I know it’s important to execute, and I also know it can’t be done week after week without taking care of the business of taking care of our bodies.


See if you can’t budget the money for some food, supplies, and someone to cook on the grill from 10:30 to 1:30.  Sound like a waste of payroll?  Perhaps it is for your business.  I just know that in my experience, showing your concern and promoting time to eat, (and offering it none the less), can go a long way to helping keep morale high and stomachs full when the long weeks start adding up.

Have a safe spring season!


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